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By Anonymous
Very buggy quest. I had to fight the demon for 2 turns and them after inflicting some good damage to a possessed party member, the demon left his body and disengaged the fight. It then was standing behind the dwarf. So to avoid starting the battle again I teleported the dwarf close to myself and talked to him with the party member who started the quest. It closed giving me 36k EXP.
By Anonymous
I got 7500 xp for killing the demon with the dwarf alive on tactician.
By Anonymous
Edit, ok, so giving in the quest gives 35k, I had gotten it into my head that killing the demon got me that. That was 5 reloads I could've done without if I read better :)
By Anonymous
Here is how I cheesed it (DE, newest version):

1. damage the dwarf until he says something like "I hate this body, I hate this cell" (he fully healed himself, good)
2. destroy three pillars, damage the fourth (top right one) until it nearly breaks
3. move your companions way back (between staircase and statue)
4. shoot the last pillar at max range (so the daemon doesn't aggro you)
5. conjure something (I took Ifan's soul wolf) and move it next to the pit, let the daemon aggro the summon, *not* you
6. let the adventurer bash the daemon's head in (if the dwarf had full health, easy)
7. claim the last hit on the daemon for yourself (very important, or you will not get the 35k xp and the dwarf's stash), I had luck 'cause the daemon just left the room with no magic armor and 100 health, so I zapped him with my elementalist
8. pat yourself on the back because you didn't had to endure this fight
By Anonymous
The demon does not possess you if you are the only one in the party, or the only one alive. This worked easily for me on Tactician LW:

1. Bring dwarf's health down to 1 with Living on the Edge.
2. Have your strongest damage dealer kill your other party members.
3. Destroy all 4 pillars, and the demon will come out.
4. Kill the demon using your remaining party member. You can use Living on the Edge to easily keep the dwarf alive.

By Anonymous
Waste of ressurection scrolls. If you are planning to use only one party member, just leave the others outside the room so they don't engage in a fight. No need to kill them
By Anonymous
There seems to be another way to cheese it, but it isn't very efficient. The demon can only possess character in combat. After I had the demon leave the dwarf, I had my characters leave combat while summoned mobs attack him. It won't trigger the demon possesion while your character's not in combat.
By Anonymous
Why not just make it a unique skill/buff to possess a character? Like for example, for two turns, randomly possess nearby characters when hit. So there will be some window when the demon cannot possess someone, making the battle much more dynamic between offensive and defensive maneuvers.

The annoying part is even if it's a killing blow, the demon will still possess someone, making its corpse unlootable because it won't be exist after the last possession.

I specifically needed to evacuate all of my team and let the dwarf delivered the killing blow. It was obnoxious.
By Anonymous
Knockdown Arrows. Yw.
By Anonymous
Scoundrel Rogue used Peace of mind before breaking the last pillar. Went first and used chameleon cloak, cloak and dagger to backstabbing position and then mortal blow to one shot demon... home for lunch.
By Anonymous
it's weird, I saved the dwarf and killed the demon when I did the final blow against my possessed character (I think demon was at like 5 health), but then it disappeared and there's no demon body in sight. Also, the dwarf keeps saying he owes the one who set him free everything, but the dialogue doesnt change when I cycle through all of my pcs. Maybe because I found his treasure earlier with 18 wits? Either way, the quest just closed for me without any rewards other than xp. :/
By Anonymous
Even if it's a killing blow, the demon will still possess someone, rendering its corpse unlootable because it won't be exist after the final possession. You need to let the dwarf kill it without any of your team members nearby to avoid the possession.
By Anonymous
this quest is bugged for me, first time i did this my main character got posessed and died so i wanted to load from a previous save where i hit the dwarf a couple of times so i could prepare, after hitting the demon once everyone but the character hit him became enemies and game crashes any time i load a previous save at that point, loading back to the entrance is fine
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