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I was so exited when the update came out, but I quickly put the game back down out of boredom....Makes me sad that Sekiro is the weakest souls game
whats your favourite souls game then? cause this is definitely not the weakest, probably one of the strongest. stop going for "hot takes" just to be different
You’re an idiot. Truly.
How far on the spectrum are you?
lol ur weird as **** i love this game
this guy hesitated
Get a life bloodborne is way better
Sekiro is not a goddamn Souls Game.
Just wanted to point out subjectivity is a thing that exists
Nah you just ****ing suck at it
I mean the guy has a ****ing opinion why can’t he have one without being flamed by some but hurt gremlins
I don’t know why people complain about outfits not caring to new game, I mean games few years ago was like that, same thing goes to dk2 invisible ring, they don’t carry to new games but well. People theses days only complain and don’t get satisfied with contents they have.
There is a MASSIVE difference between a useful item that has a game mechanic purpose and a completely visual outfit. What is the point of unlocking an item you cannot use? The answer should be VERY obvious.
And here you are complaining
Maybe you should learn how to write legible sentences, you sound like a moron whi doesnt know how to talk
What invisible ring are you talking about? The no death/no bonfire rings carry over



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it sucks that you can't use ashina skin in new game...
you can actually, I went to new game and i have it still
if only the outfits were from bosses like genichiro
All 3 outfits look great, but it sucks that they don't carry over to NGs, I mean, I can do the gauntlets again no problem, but I would've preferred if they carried over.