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By Anonymous
This game tells you that sometimes you just can't change everything." isn't it a joke? that you tell a lone tiger, that suffered much and lost everything, that it don't pray her last hopes so you can save his kind when you reached divinity?"
you will get the answer. sweet tongue will not fix everything.
i think this tiger only tell you about the deathfog history and a He-man joke. and well.... that's just my opinion.
By Anonymous
20075 xp tho...
By Anonymous
If you don't want to kill the tiger, don't talk to it at all!!
By Anonymous
Yeah GREAT advice for people who don't know this will happen.

Thanks genius, next you gonna tell babies if they don't wanna die dont be born?
By Anonymous
I just teleported her down onto the lower platform and ran everyone away until I left combat. When I escaped she popped back up to his original position, and that left her alive.
By Anonymous
Did that seem to have any effect later on?