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In the chest room (where you find Key of the one), the order in which you loot chest stuff seems to change the legendary item.
- Corner chest first gave me a legendary helm
- Center chest first gave a legendary necklase
- Urns or Paintings (not sure which matters) gave legendary gloves.
Exact items might, but it seems like you can reload just before opening the last gate and depending on loot order consistently get the same item types.


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I had to fight the blindfolded battle many times because I did not want to lose the benefit (two points on all attributes) of my Blood Rose Elixir (BRE) . In fight with Murga, I had to move the starting position of the character with the BRE to different area to avoid being tagged with the shackles of pain. I did this fight at level 10 with two lone wolf members. Tough fight.
To me it's best to just fight without blindfold, murder Murga 4v1, then 4v1 the Voidwoken. She's a coward for not wanting to fight fair, she plays dirty, so you play dirty. No regret. Unless you plan to be a righteous for the path of blood of course
she didn't say anything about fighting HER blindfolded, just her minions in the first fight.
There is a way to get the treasure chests underneath the arena (and make sure those chests contain more than one Legendary) WITHOUT winning the championship, using Bless, or even doing the mechanics. Here's how: Steal the key to the underground area from Arran. Attack and destroy the first door to get past it without a key (be careful not to stand in the steam or you'll be petrified and die.) Use Teleportation/Tactical Retreat/ect. to carefully teleport a character into the room with the two ornate chests & gold pile. To get the treasure simply Move/telekinesis/teleport the chests a few feet away to a safe spot where they won't be petrified, wait a moment for the petrify debuff to wear off, and - TA-DA! - it's contents are yours. [NOTE: The following tips were only my experience, but I would imagine it will be the same for you, too.] To get more than one Legendary item (and I tested this many times) I found that if you move or interact with Chest A first (the chest furthest to the left) you only get one Legendary item, which will be in the second one, Chest B (the chest closest to the Gold Pile.) However, if you interact with Chest B first, you'll get either 2 or 3 Legendary items once you open Chest A. If you want to save-scum to get more desirable items (in my case a glove with +3 WITS, a powerful shield, and a sweet 1h weapon) you must do so BEFORE you interact with the chest - that includes moving them! So save right before you move or interact with them (or do what I did and save after you've moved Chest B to a safe spot, but BEFORE you touch Chest A - which should then have 2 or 3 Legendarys) and save-scum 'til your little heart's content. I'm not a frequent commentator, and I apologize this is so long and probably obnoxiously redundant - I just wanted to be as detailed as possible. Good luck!.
Statements about loot only apply to you and your game. What you get from any container depends purely on the state of your game and where your game is in the loot table. You may have gotten 2-3 legendary items but others at the same spot may get only 1 or none, regardless which chest they open first.
Generally, whenever you open a container, you move in the loot table. So this not only works in the arena, but everywhere. Not happy with the contents of a chest? Reload, open a crate first and try again.
The blindfold fight can be made ridiculously easy if you're playing with casters/rangers by just moving all of your characters to the right, behind the wall, and making all enemies run towards you and enter your melee range.
Okay so i encountered a bug where the key didn't get given (i had the tag, but no key, and the guy doesn't have the key on him) Turns out i found the key floating above some lizard ghost chick in the deep wretched cave, the segment to the right of the big wood gate, with the ghost on a slight hill. Hopefully this helps someone else.
I am in the same boat, didnt fight blindfolded, killed murage in cold blood, fought the voidwoken creature, crowned arena champion but no key.

I tried your instructions but the only lizard ghost i found was the one near the eggs of insects, there was no key hanging above her head
This comment saved my pain, searched for 45 mins everywhere to find this answer. This stand correct, the key is weirdly floating in the Wrecker's Cave (where the vampiric creatures are) on the top hill where a lizard ghost is, hit "ALT" to see the key of the arena, thanks
Well I lost my honour mode at level 11 in that treasure room
Beat it easily on tactician while blindfolded by moving the entire group behind the wall immediately to the right, as another comment suggested. Helps to do it slightly over-leveled for the extra armor. I had one enemy at 3 hp and ended up missing 3 times (3!) with my glass canon archer, but then the enemy attacked my character and died because of reflected damage lmao
lol that is funny XD


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I think I found a bug that causes the voidwoken to skip its first turn I saved exactly on the screen where u can either tell Murga you're gonna to help her fight the voidwoken or u are only interested in fighting her and then loaded it and chose option 2 that I was here to fight her and the voidowoken skipped his first turn entirely, very helpful on Tact difficulty!
Any idea how to loot the voidwoken and Murga? When either of them dies last you're instantly transported outside the arena and you cannot loot the body.