I got warrior of the east bow and warrior of the east armor smithing text from lady osakabe
I also got Firefly Blade, Legendary Strategist set, and Heshikiri Hasebe from Lady Osakabe
Otakemaru in Eye of the Beholder on NG+ drops about 2 - 3 smithing texts - weirdly enough, only when helping out as phantom; doing the mission myself did not yield any texts. Texts were of random weapons and armour sets. Just farming him got me from ~3ß% to 52% of overall smithing texts collected.
I drop Tokugawa set smithing text from Kasha in the Golden castle NG.
What about Saisetsu-Shin Sake? I've heard you can get a smithing text for that or trade for glory. I've found neither so far
Is the armor of the rising sun in nioh 2 too or only in the first game ?
On NG+ and I've been farming the bosses 20x and still no smithing text, I'm sick of game designers pulling this extremely low drop rate in games like this! So not playing anymore.
If you roll an every item stat " item drop rate" and put on hunter blessing , plus use luck bringer talisman, smithing text start to drop fine, every second or third time i got one
Cool thanks for the info, I will give that a try.
Farming in this game sucks sometimes I have 99,5 % of all Smithing Texts and the only text i missed is for Genno´s Hammer. I farmed William 100 times on Way of the Samurai and 120 on Way of the Strong with max Luck / Item droprate / Luckbringer Talisman and i don´t get it. Last week i saw a video on yt where someone farmed Otakemaru in coop on Way of the Strong and he drop the Smithing Text for Genno´s Hammer. I farmed Otakemaru 80 - 100 times on Way of the Strong and still no Text WTF -.-*
haha sucks to be you, i got that one first try
I got the Eccentric's Armor smithing text to drop from Enenra in the Twilight Mission "Traces of the Raging Blaze" on Dream of he Strong difficulty.
I got the smithing text for Raikiri from Daidara Bocchi in his main mission in normal NG.