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Has anyone ever killed the dragon god with these? If so, did a special cutscene play?
Well, today is your lucky day! I was planning on doing this exact thing today! If anything happens I'll post again
what he said
well what happen mf?????



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The first anonymous user to reply did say he'd post again IF ANYTHING HAPPENED. There is no special cut scene for the Dragon God's death.
Try using them against the dragon in the boletarian palace, check in with me when you're successful.
I was successful boss and i am checking out
I did it and nothing special ocurred
You get the trophy and that’s it. The grandpa guy is the only one who has brain cells I swear y’all can’t read comments to save your f****** lives
hey, your stupid site wont post my comment. these CAN BE UPGRADED IN THE REMAKE. please edit the page back if you have an account, and double check before making sweeping statements like that. don’t spread misinformation please. can only be upgraded by Ed, but CAN be upgraded!!!
actually went through this time. seriously, sorry to be rude, but please optimize this site for mobile. not everyone uses a pc these days, and this site runs like pure GARBAGE on a tablet. sorry again for being rude, but it’s 2020, get with the damn times already
It really is a nightmare on tablet. Especially the comments.
I can't believe its *Current Year! HEY EVERYONE ITS (insert year).
Big M must've had some stubby hands.
Definitely a God Hand reference. God Hand was directed by Shinji Mikami - hence, "Legendary Big M." Can't believe this isn't common knowledge by now.
Barely anybody know what God Hand even is, so how would they know who the director is and spot the connection?
Wow! I can't believe everyone doesn't have the same interests as me and know all the same things I do! Everyone who isn't me must be incredibly stupid!
i only know of godhand because of ssethtzeentachs review so sorry but no sane peeson knows this obscure game


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You only upgrade both hands of god if you kill all primeval demons, get both colorless demon souls by trading with snuggly, find the one after miralda, and get the two ones in the Mephistopheles quest. It's hard, but possible lol


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just noticed i said snuggly and not sparkly lol, sorry


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I was thinking of making a build around the Hands of God. Any stat suggestions? My thoughts were 30 VIT, 20 END, 40 STR and 40 FTH.
The wiki says "two-handed R1" does this mean you can two-hand a single gaunlet somehow? Because having both doesn't seem to change the attack. Please let me know if anyone knows anything.


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Nah, you can't. I just fixed it. Someone just copy/pasted the same Moveset table from another weapon.