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For ppl wondering if killing Mordus after transformed will give bonus exp, I have personally tested it out. The answer is NO he will not give bonus exp, killing him in human form will reward the same amount. No site has said anything about this so far, so this should be a first FYI.

Don’t waste time killing a 4.6k ho monster, unless you will feel accomplished do at your own disposal.
But what about loot??
Yes but, Mordus transforms only by draining the source from the first dead body during combat. So, you can either focus dps on Mordus (in dwarf form), ignore the minions and have an easier kill or, you can kill his minions and get the xp, but then you have to fight Mordus transformed because he'll drain source from the first minion you kill and turn into the voidwoken form.
For the eager folks out there. if you can gain access to the Wrecker's Cave-Reaper's Cove Waypoint near the bridge where troll, take the side path on a wooden scaffold and (ie,.Teleport,Tact Retreat,etc...), you can enter a cave directly to Mordus
Best way to get your crew all together is using the teleport pyramids from the lady vengeance to tp all to one character in main room.
lol.. i pushed Mordus till he said who the master was and update chapter 4: mastering the source quest.. he died after mentioning about his master
ikr, I intended to kill him anyway, at least this way i didn't feel guilty lol
there is a bunch of loot behind the painting in lohar's room
Incidentally, it's possible to aggro and kill the 2 dwarves trapped in Mordus' cellar for 2k XP each. Not quite sure what the consequences of this are, but went to Lohar immediately afterwards and nothing changed
There is so much confusing, outdated and wrong info here its making my head hurt. So, here is a summary for both "Law of the Order" and "Shadows over Driftwood" on DE(!)
1. Make sure you have "Letter from the Dwarven Queen" and "Letter to Mordus"
2. Go to Lohar, and hand in the "Letter to Mordus" (2000XP)
3. Confirm you have killed Mordus and hand over Mordus' amulet (2800XP)
4. Exhaust all dialog options about Deathfog and Source teachers. DO NOT give him the Letter from the Dwarven Queen
5. Head over to Magister Julian but leave one of your characters in the room with Lohar to prevent the guards to wander of. Hand over the Letter from the Dwarven Queen to Julian. He will ask for Lohar's head.
6. Go back to Lohar. If you have Beast in your group unchain him and leave him somewhere out of sight.
7. Lohar will automatically give you a dialog option to start a fight with him "I know you betrayed me yaddah yaddah...)
8. Kill Lohar and his guards. (8000XP from 3 guards and 1 prisoner; 5000XP for finishing Lohar) Make sure that no aggressive action happens outside the room (i.e. do not range attack the guard at the door). The rest of Undertavern will turn hostile but will not engage as long as all the action happens inside Lohar's room. (Note: There is a comment somewhere that states that killing Lohar yields 5000 + 6000 XP but I have never been able to replicate the additional 6000XP)
9. Get Lohar's head. And don't forget there is a safe behind the painting with more loot.
10. If you have not done so already, make sure you have the quest "Fishy Business" and have found the source weapons in the basement of the fishery.
11. Back to Julian. Do not mention the smuggled source weapons and just hand in Lohar's head (12000XP). If you haven't found the source weapons yet or mentioned the source weapons to Julian you will only get 9000XP at this point.
I got the 6000 + 5000 after killing Lohar and his guards. I did this after your step 4 and before step 5. Maybe cast spirit vision to see Lohar's ghost afterwards?
after step 4 show lohar the queens letter but dont give it to him and he will attack and you'll get an extra 6000exp
The double XP comes from the "No Small Mercies" quest. As it gives 5000 upon killing Lohar, that's what happened for me. I got 6000 XP for killing Lohar, then a popup from "No Small Mercies" with 500 XP.
you're a real saint for this, thanks <3
Mordus was dead already when i got there, reloaded a earlier save and still he was dead when i got there. anybody who had a similiar issue?
I've had this issue with other npcs in the game but never mordus !
Must be a bug. I never found Mordus already dead but, after I freed the lich from Mordus' basement, he run away and killed the magisters with the source dogs at the west Driftwood exit - which was a bummer because I wanted to kill them myself for the xp.
Loot-wise there's no difference whether u kill the dwarf or the transformed Mordus. It's only the xp from the minions (I got 3750 x 4 = 15000 xp extra for the minions).
They cannot be charmed unfortunately, but they don't have a lot of hps either. Eat away their physical armor then cast decay on them and finish them off with heals.
Mordus can be teleported and also can be poly'ed into a chicken BUT he has Walk It Off talent so he'll only remain poly'ed for one turn - still a good chance to pewpewpew as much as you can.
For story-wise, players are supposed to solve the first stage of "A Taste of Freedom" before confronting Mordus, so that they won't be forced to fight a Godzilla for nothing.

It does't make sense at all that you can only find the key item to neutralize Mordus' source of power after you defeated him. And it doesn't make sense at all that you can picklock a gargoyle head, which requires a magic gem as key. The key gem should be hidden in Mordus' private chamber in Wrecker Cave so that you can acquire it stealthily, and there should be spirits mentioning hints about this.