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Beginners sword for PvP ******.
most souls series builds but ok
Are you the person I smashed with this thing in 4-1 the other day?
Bruh the only people that die to this are beginners. Even a cursed DBS cant one shot without any other buffs when you have 40+ vitality, and most people using this spam the running 2h attack or the rolling 1h, both of which are pathetically easy to avoid and roll through. Add onto that second chance and boom, their build is garbage. Or warding and you can laugh at how confused they are. Its actually funny watching the average DBS user reel in confusion when their damage is **** because i have warding and second chance on, lol



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This thing is so godforsaken slow that it sucks for pvp. Northern regalia is absolutely better in every way.
It doesn’t suck for pvp also if you get smashed by this thing you were probably a mage *****. Every mage I fight spams the same easy to dodge **** and then runs toward you trying to hit you with firestorm. It’s so easy to OHKO them, and I probably smashed you with this thing once.


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at +5, is it better than northern regalia? i dont really like how slow it is
who cares if it's better or not, it got CLANG
At +5 it deals 1 damage less than the Northern Regalia with pure white/pure black char tendency
bonk or clang?
Let’s be real here, a sword designed to smash dragons can’t be anything less than overpowered.
RIP Miura