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After you collect 150% data, you get quest from ministry to bring AI patch to them, not sure what happens when you take that route.
All that happens is that (provided you also finished Tribal's quest) you can revive the cosmic gods after defeating them.
nothing, i had 150% data and the chip on me, they didnt take the chip to upgrade it or recognise i had it. Probably feature or bug since the this for the merge to happen but the merge already happened in another universe...we need some lore from the devs, tired of speculating
Complete true ending fight is probably stupidest fight in whole game. You fight with npc while constantly being attacked by huge boss with almost unavoidable AOE attacks. Only way to complete this fight is to tank your way with 5-6 healings at start. I almost did it on 1st try but I died while being 3-4 hits from killing Sentient - he summoned magic rockets on me and I use nanobots so they did not manage to heal me quickl enough.
After you die you respawn with only 2 healing so best way to do it is alt-f4 game and then reenter it. You will be in embassy breach so just farm some healing and come back there with full hp and full healing.
Sentient is really annoying because on close range you can see s**t, no way to avoid quick shots from his flying balls. Whole fight is so confusing and has so many visual effects that you can puke from constant spinning and flashing. He has gazillion of HP so this is really boring and he teleports constantly.
After all sentient alone would be easy enough but with prodigal spawn it is really annoying start. If you survive until killing spawn you probably can do it with enough healing.
Respawn on area (with only 2 healing!) instead of breach was stupid design decision though. What if player is to weak and he wants to level up more? He has to quit game to respawn at breach.
Sounds like a whole lotta nonsensical complaints, when you can just git gud.

I mean, "oukng from spinning and flashing"? Someone needs to work on their personal constitution.
Just a thing you might not know, healing at a health station when you already have full health fills whatever your healing charge is to max.
You don't need to fight NPC. Run straight to sentient und kill it first. If your circle around it, Spawn won't be able to hit you. After you kill Sentient, killing Prodigal Spawn is only matter of time, since he's not harder than normal NPC enemy.
Kill Sentient first instead. If you circle around it, it will mostly miss and Prodigal won't be able to hit you. After Sentient dies, killing Spawn won't be much of a trouble.
Did all necessary things for true ending - talked to architect through cage before scorpion boss and saw the prodigal spawn disapear in his ritual and I still just got the normal ending, no sentient fight no nothing. I really like this game but I have put 40 hours into this now and just gotten the same ending twice, it ****ing sucks.

Not trying for this again, just going to watch a video.
Ok ladies and gentlemen just defeated both bastids (Sentiend + Prodigal Spawn) I was going there with 7 injections and died, but was able to defeat both with 2 injections.

- Important is not to put heavy armor as You need to move (do not sprint all the time as You need stamina to dodge and sprint when necessary and to use melee weapon to recharge the left hand weapon's energy)
- melee weapon Officer's claive my was +13, I was trying to have the Officer's Tule one, but I was not satisfied with it so Officer's claive +13 did just fine,
- left hand I had Hedron of flame +8 + Archon shield +8 (do not forget the shield, it is useful for Spawn part of fight)
- try to run towards sentient and ignore the Spawn, when coming to Sentient avoid all that he shoots at you by dodging and always move rightwards or leftwards circling him and dodging to sides and avoiding his goodies and shoot him with hedron of flame when possible and in between cut him few times when you have no energy for Hedron to refill it.
- When Sentient was successfully defeated You need to fight spawn when You have the shield it is more easy, I forgot to use it so I was avoiding him by dodging and striking when he hit the air :) so I had the Hedron so I gave him few shots with it as well.

PS4 and especially Both Sentient and the Mirror achievement were successfully gained, so the glitch is probably resolved