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After killing Michael Ros, I also killed the merchant in the lower floor. He dropped 40K Gold!
It's not much and don't need for the gold so far in the game...
If you take up a loan in one of the buildings you can get 150,000 gold.
Hey thx for the Star Wars spoilers
dammit thank u for this i wish i came here sooner :/
wait nvm this is wrong, mine ended up working fine
Just did both kill ros and side with him on the DE. Only xp difference is 77,625 you get from siding with Dorian.

So when I sided with Dorian: I killed ros, Isla, and his two guards: went downstairs, told dorian after he killed everyone with poison, he called for the guard, killed the guard: got his location from Isla's ghost, went to his house, killed him in his underground lab. When I sided with Ros: got the assassination mission from dorian: went to tell Isla about it, she tells ros: I talked to ros, accepted his offer to kill dorian instead: I run to confront him downstairs as he disappears: got his location by Isla: went by his house, killed him in his lab. When I sided with Ros; I was left with 58,800 xp left till lvl 20, but when I sided with Dorian; I had 58,750 xp when I got to him, lvling up after killing him for his 77,575 xp.
*I had 58,750 xp left till lvl 20 when I got to him*
Actually the exp amount might be a bit more. I forgot to factor in the xp you get from completing the quests.
So can't find this mentioned, but I killed Dorian on the balcony right after he asked me to kill the Father. When I went into the cellar of his house all the slimes were passive, just wandering around. Meant the cellar was 0 combat
There is no Unique helmet on the lab on DE
DE: The Helmet is inside the Corroded chest on 145 -45
Tried to cheese Dorian by talking to him to hold him in place before revealing his plot to his father-in-law and turning against him.
Apparently he was the Flash in DOS's world cuz he managed to teleport away amid deathfog after I had ended the dialogue.