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I used this and double ichimonji against Saint Isshin. Since he has a fuxking insane attack range this was one of the only combat arts I could pull off from a safe distance without getting destroyed by his stupid teleport-and-stab thing and land two free hits on the way down too. However double ichimonji is better because it also cancels out any combo attack he is doing. And when fking grandpa over here starts a combo, he just keeps hitting again and again and again and again so it helps.
I tested shadowrush comparing enemy healthbars and it seems to deal about 170% of normal attacks (the stab, plus the jump). The attacks that you can throw in the air seem to be normal attacks when in the air, which deal 1/4 of normal attacks. Normally I seem to throw two air attacks, so that would total 220% of a normal attack for the whole combo. The test I did: I used a normal swordsman with enough health. Performed a normal attack once, printed the screen. Rested, came back, attacked with shadowrush, printed again. And compared the screenshots. Normal did about 55% of damage, shadowrush did about 95%.
Just saw a video, and apparently it doesn't cost any SP if the attack doesn't connect. Can anyone confirm?
Yes it doesn't cost SP if the attack doesn't connect
SP are skill points, they are used to unlock the skill, not to use it. Also it says in the description that you leap into the air off of enemy if the attack connects and that it consumes emblems after the leap. So no leap = no emblems cost.
Currently have 6 SP to unlock this but cannot, what gives?
You probably don't have mid air combat arts or shinobi eyes, you need both in order to unlock the art


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big ninja thrust
imagine if you could do different combat arts, shadowrush + high monk in the air would be an amazing combo
I unlocked it but it wont work. L1 + R1 do i need other skills for it to work?
You do not need other skills to make it work. Just equip it in the combat art section in the pause menu and you can use it with l1 + r1