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There is no way I’m doing the valley of defilement earlier than I have too that place is cancer
I did, 1-1 1-2 co op easy, 2-1 2-2 co op hard, 2-3 gimmicky hard, 4-1 co op. Low key easy, 4-2 solo easy with thief ring, 4-3 not that hard, 3-1 easy at this point, then i was struggling to get to 5-1 boss got annoyed and kept dying same with 3-2 maneater boss was cancer, i ended up going 1-3 peneterator boss and had help from biorr which made is super easy, changed my weapon from makoto to searching sword, killed 3-2 boss maneater easy, then the ols monk and now half the rest of world 5 and king allant
In ritual path 4-2 there are not a third reaper, i run this area different times and never find that "third reaper".... old version?
There is three. The first one under the archstone and the other two in the area above the Old Hero. You probably missed the second one, he's hiding in a dark corner behind a rock. He lets you walk right past him, won't attack you unless you attack first, so he's easy to miss.

If you stick to the right wall after the first set of stairs (the ones that have a shadowlurker that shoots a green ray at the bottom), you'll see him.
How do you tell which NG you are on? It should say on the character profile.
Just entered Islands Edge - defeated the archers and was heading to 'item' I believe to be t5he 'copper key'. During this - heading down the stairs i became stuck in a wall, (an obvious glitch) - Currently stuck - any ideas - ??? sitting on about 6000 souls - would hate to give them up but I can not figure a way to 'kill myself' in the game to start over from Nexus - ? Looking for ideas -
Thank you - WhiskeySipper--------------
6000s nothing. It hurts early on but trust me, when you lose 70k to the blue dragon later you'll wish it was just 6000 (this happened to me a few hours ago). Also, you should have shards of arcstone before entering 4-1, there's a couple of places that have 2 each. Those will let you return to the nexus without losing anything but the item you use.