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In game description is wrong for this item this does not upgrade crescent weapons it makes moon
No it does make crescent upgrades its black in colour. The moonlightstone is used for moon upgrades its the white in colour.
Its moonshade stone that upgrades crescent
Does the MP regeneration stack if you have a crescent weapon in both hands
From what I've read is that they will not if they're the exact same thing. For example, a Crescent Falchion +5 will not stack with another Crescent Falchion +5, but will however stack with a Crescent Falchion +3 or +4 since they're not the "exact" same thing. I can't confirm that, but it's what I've read elsewhere.
What do you have to do to a flamberge for the game to say "okay you can upgrade it?" Cuz I have a +3 flamberge and see the other upgrades, but not the crescent one.
It needs to be +6 for crescent and moon upgrade paths to appear