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I got stuck on the Guardian Ape for 3 days, beat him, then came down and one-shot this guy. It shows how much easier the second phase of Guardian Ape is than the first. Provided of course that you don't blow all your spirit emblems on the first.


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Same for me, Killed him second try, easiest Boss for me right now
What a lazy boss.
I feel like this fight would be fine if it wasn't for the camera constantly getting stuck on the walls. As ever. It's not nearly aa fun as the first encounter, though.

Although, one detail I do like is how they sometimes work together to perform a single combo, which makes it much easier to keep track of them. Namely, yanking out the centipede seems to invariably trigger the brown ape into leaping on top of you, so you should know to always try and block that after the spear retracts. I think it also does this whenever you jump on the headless ape during its falling sweep attack?

It makes me wish that if they keep making these gank bosses, they'd design them more as a unified AI system as opposed to two separate enemies entirely. One boss, two bodies. Every combo is divied up to alternate blows from each enemy, creating a complex, yet recognizable pattern that the player can still memorize, even if they sometimes switch it up a little to keep you on your toes. I dunno if I'm making any sense...
tfw Sekiro is the one with the flower
Thanks From. Hasn't made a decent duo boss since O&S and doesn't seem to plan on getting them right ever again.
I mean Demon From Below and Demon In Pain were pretty good ink
Imo* ****


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Eh, i think they did a good bunch of good gank bosses since O&S. Examples are Darklurker, Elanna, Shadows of Yharnam, Rom (yes i like Rom don't @ me), Queen Yharnam, Abyss Watchers, Pontiff Sulhyvahn's second phase, Sister Friede's second phase, Demon in Pain & Demon from Below and so on
The ape is an apparition type, I just confirmed massive dmg with divine confetti
Yashikura's sugar and mid-air mortal draw twice. He is now down one deathblow. do a mid-air mortal draw immediatly after the deathblow animation finishes. This will let you instantly deathblow him again. Congratulations you beat a boss in 10 seconds.
This strat worked for me thanks for the tip
This comment is an utter lie saying that it takes 10 seconds... It took me 11 seconds to kill the boss
just to confirm this strat does still work, only died once on the first run but as long as it's Mortal Draw, you can shred the Stamina bar real easy
Which entrance to the boss fight is the best for this strategy?
I used the hidden forest entrance but you can get him from the poison pool entrance.
This strategy stops working on new game plus.
Thank you!!! I'm really **** at this game, and got it first try, even got the ape and all ninjitsu trophies. Still can't understand why it was there; had mortal blade for Guardian Ape, maybe Sekiro didn't chop off his... centipede...
I did enjoy it, but the concept for this fight is a tad cheap
Best recommendation for this fight is practicing/warming up by taking on the Red Guard dude in the Ashina outskirts and defeating him without stealth killing hisbodyguards/entourage
The funniest thing about this fight is that you can easily skip it on subsequent playthroughs, but I always forget it and get pissed because the brown cocksucker ****s my **** up and I want to kill him to spite Miyazaki. BECAUSE **** 'EM, THAT'S WHY.