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Hold the button to collect, like drops from enemy not items in the world with single press prompt.
Thank you so much
He could be a reference to the real life Sengoku period samurai Takenaka Shigeharu. Shigeharu's nickname was Hanbei.
In what way is that supposed to be a reference? All they have in similarity is their names, at least from what I know.
His nickname was "Hanbei the Undying", so I'd say you're on to something.
I thought it was a reference too. I came here to see if there was anything on that.
Anyone know why he says he needs to give his thanks to Sekijo before he's ready to be killed permanently? Is he referring to Emma or is he referring to a Japanese spirit of barren women or what? This one line is the most confusing lore aspect of this game
That would be the sculptor...
I kinda got sad when I had to kill him :( He was such a bro ;_; At the least I freed him from his curse...
*SPOILER* I must be pu**y. I teared up when I killed him.
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real men™ teared up when they killed hanbei
The man undergoes countless deaths to train you out of boredom. He admits that he feels the pain of each death and actually gives up on the idea of dying. You free him from his enter nap torment. You sir, are not a pissy.
if you refuse to kill him with the immortal blade can you go back and do it later?? I want him to train me how to use the vault over technique but the second I talk he's bugging me about the blade...
You can. When you refuse killing him and you come back later you'll have a "talk about the mortal blade" option to have him ask again.
Just press the jump button before you execute the enemy..
There appears to be a bug in NG+ where you won't be able to unlock any of the advanced training options like consecutive deflect, sweep counter etc (except vault over and mikiri). Has anyone been able to do so?
Like you've surmised, I'm on my fourth time through the game and haven't been able to unlock any of the advanced training options, save for vaulting over and the Mikiri counter, ever since my first new game plus run. If I recall correctly, dying a couple times to General Naomori Kawarada, who as the first mini-boss also probably serves as the first time Wolf's resurrectional power is introduced, is what causes the option to practise sweep counters with Hanbei to appear. Also of note, on all of my subsequent playthroughs except for the first, it takes only one or two deaths for the sculptor to succumb to dragonrot instead of several or more.
Manga shows that he was infested at a young age by a Senpou temple monk
Same thing happened to me at sunday mass
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I kept hitting him until i reached the cliff and I killed him because he fell off. He drops his item too but you can’t get it I think.
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Glad I'm not the only person who tried this, died trying to get the item though...
Seems as though this character may be based on a Slavic/Cyrillic legend known as "Koschei the Deathless". Interesting possibility for the history buffs here.
I’m russian and hanbei has literally no resemblance to Koshei
Immortality like Hanbei has is rampant because of those bug things, it's not like he's a unique case that Miyazaki needed historical inspiration to conjure up. Besides, there's been a bunch of immortal characters across entertainment before.