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Any thoughts on where to farm?
Gutter, torch enemies, rest at fire to respawn them, easily get 2 hours if torches
If dither difficulty comes from not being able to see, that is bad design. Between no mans wharf, the dark chasm, the gutter, and seeing where the ground ends in shrine of Amana torches are op in DS2. The developers knew this which is why they limit how much you can use your torches and make them go out in water. There are many things in DS2 I like and would have liked to see in the other games, but it is many small things like this that add together to overall make 2 while still a great game, inferior to the rest of the series.
Praise the sun these are a thing in the game, they're the only thing that aloud my severely arachnophobic *** to get through Brightstone Cove.
Allowed lol
god dammit I feel stupid
the torch have a "burn" effect if you hit enemies, many people may have already notice this, incase you don't know
I wonder if Elden Ring will improve on DS2 torch system (which I think was interesting but not fully developed) or just reduce it to a trinket like DS3.
can be use a weapon and shield.