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He's like the really ****ty parts of other ****ty monsters rolled into one, why waste a spot on him when there are unique and interesting monsters they could of added


Battle Tested

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I actually think he is rather intresting, not because of his fight but of his origin story. He's a hybrid between Yian-kut-ku and Rathian which makes him one of (If any) the only Hybrid Monsters
LMAO get **** on so hard then, hes a fairly easy monster after you learn how to fight him and arent playing with base game armour
louder tougher more annoying legiana
Unlike Legiana, he stays on the ground, which is way less annoying imo
I can't even touch him cause he keeps roaring
There's a skill called Earplugs for that.
Kut-ku is back but he's back with a side of adultery with a Rathian


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I seriously hate this thing so much. It's just a painfully unfun fight with irritating mechanics.
He was easy with the bug bonker. I used the dragon safi'jiiva one and furious Rajang armour.
There’s another mission they appear in called “I am tranquil, I am sound” or something close to that.
i think "return of the crazy one" is the only master rank quest with normal jho
The smallest size is 819.52. i slayed him in a event
When I first saw this thing I thought OH COME ON NOT YOU!! (I played Mhfu) but he was surprisingly very easy. Or at least compared to mhfu. I still never fought the thing again. To many painful memories from him…