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Do you guys even read this if so 50 heavy bolts off the first black smith is bull*****its dumb and has already *****ed over hundreds of players LOWERING YOUR FAN BASE I can put up with ur broken hit boxes I can put up with ur convoluted leveling system I am not about to put up with having to wait half the damn game to get infinant heavy bolts plenty of ppl would love to play a crossbow swordsmen how ever having to wait till the last Bastille to find a HIDDEN blacksmith is bull*****come on be realistic many ppl had to restart now I'm question whether this will even post or not or if u will read this or if u would fix this on the ps3


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Lost bastile is a begining area and the blacksmith isn't actually hidden as I managed to find him in my first playthrough relatively easily.
What's so wrong about the Wood Bolts anyways. You can get them infinitely at the start of the game
Bruh, you know the other blacksmith sells infinite wood bolts from the start of the game.
The lost bastile is literally the second area I go every play through wth do you mean


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Always these cliche hardcore DS1/3 Fanbois.