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For the research levels, can it be at 4 stars or does it have to be fully maxed?
"The ⭐8 quests A Portent of Disaster and A Blaze on the Sand require 10 and 15 fully researched monsters to unlock, and are required to complete." This is not true. I'm on PC and have not unlocked these quests. I have completed all other quests from 1 star to seven star and all 8 star quests apart from the two stated above and the other two stated in the requirement description and i have unlocked the white winds of the new world. though i have not been able to unlock the rainbow pigmnet, to my knowledge.
edited; i spoke to the commander he congratulated me but i still dont think i have the rainbow pigment
edit2: i do infact have Rainbow pigment WITHOUT completing or even unlocking The ⭐8 quests A Portent of Disaster and A Blaze on the Sand
Can someone break this whole thing down? Simple terms? Such as how do I unlock it and what is the requirement specific. Research, quests, and or interaction unlocks.
capturing a HR monster that i had not yet captured unlocked both LR and HR special arenas for me on PC, so i'm not entirely sure you have to catch both a low rank and high rank monster to unlock the arena quests as stated above, just the high rank monster to unlock both.
Also, Today's Special: Hunter Flambe does not need to be cleared to unlock this quest.
...i think i somehow bugged mine. got the quest, finished it, got the rainbow pigment, but i never got my conversation with the commander after?
Me neither, might have something to do with starting ice borne before doing this quest
There are quest the people on the Research Base will give if you have done everything and are wondering why you don't have this quest
Check your optional quests...if the outline is blue then you are missing a hr capture. Go to the website and check for special arena quests.. get a pen and paper and write down the monsters available in the spec arena quests...then go capture them all at high rank.
Trying to get this quest from a new account is literally killing me
try doing the quest line for the affinity booster
Stay strong brother!
Can you join someone that is doing this quest even if you don't have it?
Yes but as it states above, you won't get the Rainbow pigment from that, just the Research Commission ticket and other rewards.