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He makes devilho look weak
Fun fact: Rajang can beat Savage Deviljho in a turf war.
I despise this fight but it most likely stems from my first fight being with the lance. Still am not a fan of these style of monsters.
i thought seething bazelguese was bad. i thought blackveil vaal hazak was bad. but there is nothing that can compare to how little fun you will have fight a rajang. there is no advice, no redeeming qualities, you just suffer through. and then they send you to fight the harder variant. enjoy getting one shot.



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You shouldn't play the game if it's too hard for you noob. You sound like someone who is literally forced to play the game like it's some forced labour.


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I just saw this, has anyone noticed how his HH is the same as the Conga HH in MHGU? I had a little PTSD moment of these farting pink monkeys and I'm sad they didn't come to Iceborne
those pink monkeys are called conga and congalala
I take back my previous comment about both rajang (including furious) and raging brachy. Truth be told Im just ****ing awful at lance somehow and wasn't prepared. I'm not particularly fond of some of rajang mechanics but its not as bad as I had thought. Sometimes, one just needs to get good (no matter how much I have come to despise this term)
truth be told, it's not really your fault. Lance has a terrible matchup against both monsters. Raging brachy sucks for lance cus of the floor slime, which is leagues easier to avoid with any other weapon type. Rajang just deals so much chip damage that even with guard 5 on your lance and perfect guards, he will eat through your health unless you have a bunch of health augments, and are constantly damaging him. Luckily lance is only my 2ndary and I have a primary hammer which does well against both monsters.
i think it amazing that people have been complaining about this monster since for more than a year now
“Is hostile on sight” that’s not true he is immediately hostile. -_-
yeah, I'm not playing monster hunter at the moment but he is still beating my ***...
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