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You forgot all the subspecies and black Diablos
I agree. They should include all flying wyverns, including subspecies and colour variants.
trash anyway
Diablos is a B*tch
Tell three Dumbass Owner Operator truck drivers that. I almost beat the crap out of one in Texas for it. He picked it up and left.
I have only killed the rathalos and by looking at this list i INSTANTLY feel inferior
Where is my boi pukie pukie
Pukie does not fly, it is a (feathered) Bird Wyvern.
Pukei-Pukei does infact fly, but it's a bird wyvern.
Pukie Pukie is a bird wyvern
diablos a flying wyvern???????????
In the game, the First Wyverian says he is the Horned Wyvern
Yes! Diablos & B. Diablos are flying wyvern. But due to their size and weight, they are not able to fly.
Geez, these wyverns sure look pretty deadly!
I’ve already yeeted all of these monsters except the new one