FYI you can just drop him off the bridge


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I spent half an hour trying to duel him honestly, then I switched to low stance (double swords) and knocked him off within 2 seconds
He was kicking my butt using a sword. I switched to a spear and high stance using the over head smash skill followed up with a critical hit on the ground got him down pretty easy. I Started swinging as he was approaching.
It’s optional, why push him in there water and miss his loot.
You can actually shot him in the head from afar, that way you'll be outside the yokai wall when the battle starts. Then you can just cheese him out, he won't be able to reach you.
Why are we here? Just to suffer?

Just to let you know, as if the time I have posted this comment, it is indeed possible to just knock this punk off the bridge. I wa assure it wasn't as he would roll away from the ledge whenever I got close.
If you have problems with him this still works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBYKEan06Kg
I'm surprised nobody mentioned this yet, but the boss in this quest is the revenant of Musashibo Benkei, the warrior monk companion of Minamoto no Yo****sune.
how much defense does this boss have?
Now all revenants cannot be knocked off edges. They will be teleported back inland when they are falling off.