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I love ds2 so much, all the other games are trash like Call of trash (duty), Trashnite (fortnite) , and Grand trash auto DS2 IS A Very good game unlike all the ther games are TRASHED
Why do enemies STILL DESPAWN! im in company of the championisas The game creators did this and they like " GC1, ohh i got a great idea GC2, ok what is it, GC1 Why don't we make enemies despawn to reduce farming so that when the players are farming lets say for example petrifed dragon bone after 12 kills they dissapear but players havent upgraded their boss soul weaponisas to +5 so let's make them rot! crying!, get pissed! won't that be great! GC3 and GC2, OHH YES THAT WILL BE GREAT we need to make the game pissing the lives of our players!" HOW mean are they why would they despawn the enemies? to reduce farming? NO what a bad IDEA
I hate this game SOUL game, at first people hate this game i did not beleive that but now i do it is really true the game is bad! why do eneimies despawn unlike the other soul games they respawn infinity ( 8 infinty symbol )
how can i get point down gesture
i don't think there is a gesture like that
Why is there a schizophrenic little kid spamming comments here
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Thank you for the interesting facts about supernovas
how can i be overpowered because i feel so weak
i have 65343532 soul memory, people are having like 1000000, 3000000, 2000000 am i the only one who has the highest soul memory or am i lowest one
how do you fix the xbox live error 8015d003, so that i can be guarded the blue sentinels, invade, slay players, help players, please help me fix this error because if you do, i shall guard you or coop or even invade you ( if you want me to, i won't invade you if you don't want me to ) so please fix this error
As i scroll down the comments every body is saying "play lord of the fallen instead" FACT: Lord of the fallen is absoluty trash
the blue sentinels are like the police of ds2 because they hunt down sinners and protect the way of blue right?
does any of you play ds1? i say this in ds2 wiki because nobody is going in the ds1 wiki. so if you do play it, please tell how to farm infinite twinkling titanites so that i can upgrade black iron set i would appreciate any help
and also i am in xbox 360 unpatched
Do the giant lord glitch in forest of the fallen giants an keep using bonfire ascetics over and over again, then go down the stairs beside the giant memory and you will see a corpse with 2 twinkling titanite and but you are going have to kill the giant lord boss for this glitch to work. this are the required items, Ashen Mist Heart ( obtained from speaking to Ancient Dragon ) and an Aged Feather or Homeward Bone ( you need this to return to your bonfire ) the Aged feather can be obtained from killing emerald herald or talk to her in Dragon Aerie, Hope you got infinite twinkling titanite!
like i said, I AM ON, ON! DARK SOULS 1
Why dont u just buy them from the giant blacksmith?
are you crazy!!!! why the **** are posting this in ds2 post it in ds1 and also i think his blacksmith is not selling because he playing unpatch