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Don't feel bad. It's Ebrietas in drag.
Now I feel really bad
Was going to call this Pinwheel and True King Allant's Japanese cousin, but those two bullied this guy. Seriously, this was over so fast I waited for something else to happen. Like "No, it can't be THAT easy. This must've been an illusion an the real boss is about to face***** me", but as I waited a full two minutes jack*****happened. It took me longer to type this out than it took to beat this boss. lol
Pinwheel's a legitimate threat compared to this guy. At least he gets a fireball off sometimes.
You waited a literal 2 minutes? If something doesn't happen within about 20 seconds like the with the guardian scat ape, it's over. I actually like how FromSoft throws in an effortlessly easy boss now and then. It's like a little freebie for always having to work so hard. They also tend to either play nice music or have nice music playing during their battles, which is why it's a shame they die so quickly... Allant, Pinwheel (I love his little gothic ditty), and this guy's flute skills. Honestly I would have picked the drums or some kind of percussion instrument, because look at all those tentacles. He could drum in a prog rock band with the singing lady from the jail cell in Demon's Souls on vocals. Headless could squirt blood all over the crowd while the guardian ape throws***** at them, it would be like Gwar with better music.
10/10 Hardest boss in the game, made me break 3 controllers. Thanks fromsoft
He just wanted to play his flute.
Low key he’s a boss at the flute, may he play forever in the divine realm
This..... is an excellent comment



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Pretty sure the divine realm is a place, not a heaven.
Hardest boss in the game. Had me in tears


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lol boss but to give him some credit. We already been in his fight since entered the forest, all those ghostly attack is his attack after all.
A true git gud experience
"Weakness: Literally anything/Pain" lmao same
Not anymore. Here comes Kusabimaru.
i mean fighting the fog soldiers/dogs count as his attack i feel like. so him being that hard, i'll allow
Except for you can skip the fogmobs entirely