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Masked Paladin is my build. I use the palatine set except for the helm, which I replace with the Yokai Mask. For weapons, the Leviathan or the Flint & Steel (use the F&S for early game, than switch to Leviathan... or use the F&S as maybe a forbidden weapon). I use the Palatine Shield (for cosmetics). For prayers, Any healing prayer, Cleanse, Revive, Blessed Weapon (any form), Ray Of Searing, and Guardian Blade. From there, do whatever you feel like. Creed is obviously Devara's Light (But I like to use Stone Roots, cuz their criminals and it makes me feel like I've done bad stuff and want to repay my actions). Change it however you like!
What about a whip sword build I find the weapons awesome
my build is pred armor and staff and blackwidow
Salt Reaper: Overlord helm, the rest grim armor. Saltreaver two hand one load out, siara's staff other Loadout. Join the order of the betrayer to get dark spells and flasks of defilement. Equip Salt stone charm. Rings: grasping ring, bloodflower ring, trickster's band, and one whatever else ring. Starting class: knight for easier, pauper for harder. Stock up on dex, str, magic, pikeman, and light and heavy armor nodes. Once you have enough of those, grind Salt until you have stacks upon stacks of it. Then equip the Salt charm. For spells, use any combo of dark spells that suffice (for me it'd be reach and arrows). This build is just a concept, and the armor choices are mainly for those cool reaper looks, and not focused on statistically. Please test this build. I personally think it's a cool concept for a build. Please tell me if there is anything I can change about this. Thanks! :)
And a few extras- Start at Tristin to look kewl, and I want this build to emphasize on what a reaper is: DAMAGE! I don't think defense is too important for this build.
I updated it above. You don't have to read this one.

This is a concept that I really want to try, but don't have enoigh dex nodes to give it a try.
The thing I'm going for is a build that removes defense from enemies and bosses and decimate them with relative ease. I don't think armor is a real great problem for this, as dark spells/incantations are used for it. I want that cool as heck reaper look.
Overlord's Turban (I couldn't find a hood that conceals your face, and this looks cool anyway)
And the rest is Grim armor. Again, it looks kewl.
Saltreaver and silversalt charm for one loadout, Siara's staff for the other one. You can have any combination of dark spells (for me I'd have dark reach and dark arrows). For the Silversalt charm you'll need to grind quite a lot of salt, so be prepared for that.
Order of the betrayer all the way! Get 2 pages of suffering, as well as flasks (you'll need lots) to do what death does best. You'll need to join the creed to get the spells and incantations, so, it all ties in!
There aren't much incantations, and no prayers. The only ones are Arcane Weapon (when you run out of pages to use) and Dark Swarm.
As a starting class, the knight would be a good and easy choice. Try the pauper for more of a challenge.
Good rings can be the grasping ring (start out with it) and the trickster's band for extra dexterity. The two others are free to choose! Note that the Silversalt charm doesn't stack damage with the Bloodflower ring, so take that into account!
You'll want to be part of The Three, so join those guys. Just play as you'd like (get class 1 or maybe even 2 pikeman early) but focus on getting str, dex, wisdom, and light armor. Get magic and a little heavy armor later. Then get the Haymaker and start doing your thang! Make sure to use other reapers or polaxes/spears during the run. Once you get to the Order, make sure you have magic level 4, class 3 light armor, and class 3 heavy. Then get the Grim set and all dark spells and blood incantations.
Make sure you're part of Tristin when you make your character. Then you'll look cool. Also, try to roll for this build to work. Shields won't be present, as you'll have a class 5 reaper.

Again this build is experimental, so can you please try it out? I think this is a fun idea. Also, if you are to make any changes, remember that this build is for shoving a flask of defilement down their throat and cleaving them with relative ease, whilst looking awesomely scary in the process. Thank you, and I'm excited to test this!
Replace wisdom with willpower sry
Also, with the poise flag of the Saltreaver, this tears your foes apart!
Edit: I've almost beat the game with this build, so here's some tips:

- Focus on Endurance more than you think. The Grim set is heavier than even the Raider set!

- Even though I like this, the Silversalt charm has to be replaced with the Mossy charm. This is one change that I don't like.

- Ragged leggings to cut down on weight. Also Blacksmith gloves for reduced weight and that str boost.

Sadly, the Overlord's Turban has to go. It's a ghastly Class 5 heavy set, which doesn't mesh well with the light armor getup. Maybe you could pour points in for more Endurance.

More comments:
You probably need only 6 flasks, and you don't even need pages of suffering! Just use the other devotion thingies for whatever you want. Some bosses are really challenging. Like the Coveted, you need to get a Warhammer because there's no Extra Blunt Reaper that I know of. The Witch and Third Lamb are a challenge, too.