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I wanted to know the drop rate tbh
If fought him 5 times and got 1 crystal but I think I was just lucky. It would probably be less then the chances to get a gem.
I believe its a 5% drop rate
What about the elder smelter? What mr do i need to unlock the crystal there?
You can get a crystal during the repelling quest with the dragonrazer.
Wise Fylos uses velhana crystal
am I just having a weird amount of luck or something? ive only ever needed two of these things for armor and a weapon and ive gotten 11 now and ive only fought it 9 times I don't even need that many lmao is it a bugged high drop rate? or wtf lmao
i cant even get it
I have killed velkhana 15 times and i have gotten 0 crystals, what is this??!
got this hunthing velkhana 4th time