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harder than every boss in the entire game
Happy Fatty Baddy Hippo
Old Radiant Lifegem does not drop just in the Scholar of the First Sin edition. I just got an ORL from an Aldia Keep ogre in the original PC version. Im sure it's a rare drop though. First time I've seen it drop from one, but I am wearing a Coveteous Gold ring +1 so I am sure that helped.
For Shrek & Fiona I was usually baiting them to the entrance cave, since they are tall they cannot go inside but stuck at the door trying to reach me then I was killing them with hit'n'run at first levels to get extra souls for the start xD
Simply go behind one and they will fall on their *** again and again, stab them and repeat
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i think, in shrine of amana, that "falling through the ground" thing is the deep water off the edge...
It makes me so happy that these things are enslaved and tortured in Aldia's Keep. Bite my head again, you obese dumb looking rhinos!
They're pretty easy to combat against as a melee build but they take forever to kill.
The main problem when fighting against a ogre with a melee build is being too Hasty and getting killed because of it
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