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xeno'jiva was suprisingly easy, got it on the first try
The op as f*** and easy to upgrade blast weapons are an Iceborne installment and transform the vanila game into a tutorial. They did that to fill the Iceborne lobbies with new players as fast as possible but it kills all the challenge MHW offers. Basicly the equivalent of the Drake Sword from Dark Souls. I appreciated that for my 2nd char but I can only imagine the fackeria of bs for first time players. "Everything dies so fast..huh!? Okay??? o_0"
I got him first try too. Dude was a cakewalk with the beetle stick.

Oh, and I never once used the guardian gear. It literally says on the MHW website that the purpose of the gear is to get you to iceborne faster. I'm talking to you, other dude
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It's a decent fight, my friend beat it with maxed-out Titzi Yaku armor, didn't faint once. Or maybe he's just too good lol.
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Xeno jiiva was probably easier than anjanath