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30 D E X T E R I T Y
But don't tell anyone you leveled that up.


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30 dex is insane. However, I guess sporting this weapon in pvp is for bragging. I haven’t beaten Raime yet (not that I tried)
it's actually very good in pvp, because as you attack vertically, you can still aim at the player, even if they dodge. it makes it ridiculesly OP
so, can you buff the sword? it only says it can't be buffed with resins, could someone please clarify that?
yes you can buff it with spellbuffs but not resins
That's not true, it cannot be buffed by neither spell buffs not resins. Sacred Oath miracle still works, though.
Can you powerstance it with fume straightsword?
No, unfortunately
this game is ****ing stupid. why do they give you two weapons from 1 boss and not let you powerstance. who is the ****ing * that did this ****?
@ Aug 5 2020. To be fair, Raime never used both in a powerstance. He used them independently, to do different things (straight sword to check movement, UGS to deal damage). Powerstancing the two would be ridiculously dumb
Can you do the dark/fire buff with it like during the boss fight or no?
Guess I’m grinding out the rotten for that Dex requirement



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The weapon all casuals want. But can never get without their friends carrying them all the way to it
i want to use it for a capra demon cosplay
That is not true. I am using my friends to help me reach the boss, not fight it.
What? My guy, casuals don't even know what stat investment is, and coop is dead in this game
Haha the salt still flows, even after an this time
30 dex??! what'r u, casul?!
With this sword you need a whole character made to use this weapon
I mean. Kinda? I accidentally built a character that can properly use this weapon just with a casual playthrough.
like with any other weapon...
Gee if only there was like an item, that could perhaps allow you to re-allocate your stats. But where would one even find information about the existence of such a thing?
You can use soul vessel from the mansion in majula and go to the firekeepers. Soul vessel will allow you to re allocate all your stats.
This weapon is way to OP it has a hit box 4 times the size of it it deos incredible damage oh and in pvp the the lag dosent help
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Can also be summed-up to: "Git Gud."
you need some water with all that salt you're washing down, casul?