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My question is: Why did they lower the *****ing durability on the weapon. It is, like, my favourite weapon in Dark Souls 1, because it A.) Hits like a truck when upgraded with the right materials, 2.) Can be buffed but never infused, and D.) Has the highest durability of any weapon in all of Dark Souls. But here? HOW THE ***** do you explain the fact that this weapon has about 70 durability in Dark Souls 2!? It’s nice to have a strength weapon that is easy on the durability; this ain’t it, chief! And coupled with Scholar of the First Sin running at 60FPS on my XBox One S, AND THE FACT that there’s no patch to help with lowered durability, this just makes it even more pathetic!
what's with the dislikes? it's a fact the the durability damage is doubled in SotFS and the devs never bothered to fix the issues related to that but blind soysimps will be blind soysimps and they will defend any bullcrap that's shoved inside their mouth
"soysimps" says the lad bawling about downthumbs
look ma', i baited outside of veddit! XD
The old knights shield durability is a fkn joke 20 durability on a fkn shield lmao
What a weapon simp. If you can't finish an area or defeat another player with 70 durability, it's no wonder you're ranting like a kid on a comment section. Rants are entertaining, but this is just a baby whining.
Honestly, I who cares if random ppl dislike a post it's irrelevant and sad that you care so much lmao
i mean this guy isnt wrong. the durability on great hammers goes down like a rock in the water
I killed the belfry gargoyles then went to the bonfire, killed the dogs and the invader but there was only a key in the corpse! No dragon tooth...
you ain't playing scholar of the first sin
If u powerstance 2,u double effects?
has a unique sound when doing the parry with it
Say good Bye To Your Kin Mother Fu*ker
Has anyone noticed it parries really quickly for its size? Still too slow to rely on but the speed along with the "TONG" sound makes it really cool
I did not have the stamina to power stance these, but you better believe I did it anyway.