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In the Doom of Forgotten, there is a treasure on the platform under treasure No.13. Go left and jump from treasure No.13, and you'll get it. I forget what it is but I am pretty sure it exists. Maybe this is Doom of Forgotten.
are there any maps in game?
Nope, you're on your own.
I know video games are complex in their coding but this seems like an easy fix. its not like you are programing an AI or sequence of animations or anything. you are literally creating a button that leads to a still image. this is 8th grade level programing, as simple as it gets.
or... the dev decided to leave it out of the game.. on purpose.
Hello, is It possibile to reupload the complete uncompressed map? Download link seems to be no longer available. Many thanks in advance.
How can I get to the lower part of the village of smiles?
beat the queen of smiles from there you can reach the next part of the game. dont worry about more than half of the treasures. you will need to come back with abilities acquired later in the game. good luck.