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2 op 2 furious?
If you are a mage with no so high str and dex, is worth using an Enchanted Rapier??
nope, you better infuse it with magic and use crystal magic weapon to get the high damage possible or just leave it without infusion and use resins with it and i personally use the first method i said and i completed the game with the magic rapier with no problem
A weapon to surpass metal gear
guys i have 40 faith 20str 20dex which infusion is the best?


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Lightning scales with Faith, Magic Scales with Int, Fire scales with both Int and Faith, and Dark scales with the lower of the two (ex. If you have 99 Int and 3 Faith, it's going to do crap damage, but if you have 50 Int and 50 Faith, it'll curbstomp.) As anon here said, you have high faith so Lightning is your best bet.
Legendary weapons for each game.... Battle Axe in DeS Reinforced Club in DS1 Rapier in DS2 Saw Cleaver in BB Broadsword in DS3 And none of this fancy looking garbage.
Since when was the ds3 broadsword any good? I'll give it points for DPS but you're outspaced by pretty much anything but dagger users
Nah bro, either Splitleaf GS or Yhorm's Machete for DS3
>everyone who replied being too smoothbrained to realize OP was talking about weapons you can get pretty much at the beginning of the game and steamroll the PvE main game with
Smooth brained? It takes a real mirror polish on yours to think the saw cleaver breaks pve nearly as much as the axe. Both being starter weapons
"Smooth brained? It takes a real mirror polish on yours to think the saw cleaver breaks pve nearly as much as the axe. Both being starter weapons"

Axe may be better against some tougher enemy early on against tougher enemy because of its spin to win move, but the Cleaver has the bonus against beasts and scales well with elemental gems. A fire Cleaver reaches some of the highest DPS in the game against pretty much anything tbh. Clearly a god tier weapon you can get early, and by FAR better than the axe in versatility, scaling, and dps.
There is virtually no reason to use the cleaver when the Saw Spear exists and is virtually superior in every conceivable way, and you can get it almost as early as the cleaver.
most people might praise the Ice Rapier, or the Espada Ropera, and Ricard's Rapier... yet at the end of the day, this baby right here has a lot of things you will ever really need... takes a bit less stamina then most late-game rapiers, weighs very little, can be gotten early, and it doesn't take much strength to powerstance two of these, and they parry just like the espada when one-handed, and let us not forget they are reliable to the end-game just like most other weapons found at start if you know how to use them. tell me, what is not to love?
Low durability
This game probably has the most unique variety of weapons out of all 3 souls games. But if you level this weapon early, the game really has one weapon.
I would swap this with the greatsword anyday if they would make lock on with the greatsword a total cancer
This thing absolutely slaps on a dex/faith build when infused with lightning. Trash at hitting crystal lizards though...
Use the jumping attack for Crystal Lizards. I can usually one-tap 'em.



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You can actually get this weapon to a plus 10 before fighting a single boss. Though this is true with any weapon you can get before a boss but this or the mace are by far the best. Thank you ymfah
*abuses counter dmg to cheese every boss fight* heh, nothing personal devs