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This does actually work with the heavy bowgun's shield mod. You lose your guard frames when shooting and gain them back when you go back into an idle stance. If you block an attack right when your guard frames reactivate, offensive guard will proc. The timing is kinda awkward, but it works.
It's my understanding that any weapon that has a guard function can benefit from this so I don't see why not.
Any info on the duration of.the effect?
My testing shows that it's bout 12 seconds give or take a few milliseconds because hand testing isn't infallible.
Anyone tested this with GS?
Yes but it only lasts 12 seconds from my testing and destroys GSs sharpness so I wouldn't recommend it.
I pulled it off a couple times in a fight and I didn't notice any sharpness loss
Bro you don't lose sharpness from Offensive Guard, you lose it cause you have to block. Blocking with GS takes a big chunk of its sharpness off.
Theres some things you can block that don't incur sharpness loss, like roars, tremors, and wind pressure. Also it feels like Item prolonger can extend the duration of this effect
Using Guard decorations massively reduces sharpness loss from blocking with Greatsword, in addition to reducing health and stamina lost. The Greatsword blocks are actually equal to Sword and Shield and basic Charge Blade. It isn't bad because of the strength of the block or loss of sharpness; it's bad because tackling is almost always better. There's nothing wrong with the block itself.
Can this be triggered by blocking an allies' attack in multiplayer? Maybe give allied greatswords extra strong wakeups if that's the case.
I don't think it does, it seems to only work with enemy attacks that like damages you. (tested with lance while attacking a downed monsters, ally procced my counter thrust with an attack and I didn't get the buff)
it doesnt trigger on ally attacks but it should trigger on small barrel bombs
Yes, but if you use Flinch Free the attacks that you can block won't affect you (and thus you can't block them and thus you can't proc Offensive Guard)
Playing Lance on the PC release, this doesn't seem to activate on my counter thrusts?
If you go from a blocking stance to another blocking stance it won't work. For example Block into counter won't work, but attack into counter will.
god i wish there was a guardian/jumping jewel
You get 12 seconds of attack boost at all levels with this skill, it also works with greatswords if you’re feeling super crazy.
is it got neft ? I remembered it boost like 30% at lv3
yes, i saw TDS "MHW Iceborne PC - ZODA Best Endgame Charge Blade Build" video and checked the skill description again.
30% Boost at lvl 3 and 50% at Lvl.5.
Yes, they nerfed it.