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Most OP spell in the game. With Morion Blade and Clever Rat Ring will almost one-shot any boss in the game. Only downsides are the very limited range, the fact they can fire when still out of range, and the fact it will only target one enemy.
In this remake this will hit multiple enemies if they're close by. I've used this many time to take two of the three knights by the Penetrator fog gate.
Firestorm does much more damage and doesn’t have the stupid firing issues of this.



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It is a shame they didn't fix the firing out of range with this in the remake


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This spell is amazing in PvE, it obliterates everything that isn't resistent to magic. Sadly in PvP it isn't as good since it's piss easy to dodge.
For those who want to know this just lime me: the numbers of orbs reach 5 when you have at least 31 magic.