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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I want to buy it.
why the necc so long
better succ
To give the succ
biological reasons? give height to see the danger from far away? better vocal cord? get the food which are too high? more easy to bite somewhere unattainable with a short neck? you can found plenty of reasons if you think like a scientist
If you think like an artist it makes a lot of sense too.
I like how they're kind of like the Dunmer of this game, yet their lizards. The IRONY! X3
"they slave people they are basically the same!"
The greatest uno reverse
Which house are you if you play as a lizard?
For practicality, it's better to say you're from the "House of War" in the majority of conversations.
I'm relieved they didn't give the females breast because, you know?.... Reptiles don't make milk.
They did a good job with the racial and gender aesthetic overall.
Response to the person that said "They did a good job with the racial and gender aesthetic overall." no they didn't, the fkn female elf has too long a damn neck and so does the female lizard!
Why is DOE good u ask? cause u can be a lizard wizard called fazeDildo running around murdering bugs, humans, possessed*****, etc.... I'm playing this game wrong aint I.....
Fun Fact: A lot of the Lizards have Arabic names in the game.
lizards, for using their potential to the best, are a melee/pyro fighter. their flame breath skill is based on their level but can benefit from pyrokinetic skill. it is a cone skill so the lizard must be near the target and no ranged fighter want to be near an enemy. the skill also leaves a cone of fire surface so the elemental affinity users will benefit from that too. a single point of scoundrel ( if the lizard wants to be a warfare/pyro fighter) let the lizard to take the pawn talent which will negate the 1 ap requirement to get in the fire so the fighter have 3 ap to cast fire spells instead of 2 but the lizard can take the executer talent so can continue after killing the enemy.(however the triggering is not guarantied with executer so use it at your own risk.) the red prince's demonic stare can drain a foe's m armor to fix up his armor and soften the enemy (especially low m armored melee fighters). neither the warrior or scoundrel has high m armor so the lizard may think about sacrifice some p att power and take a shield to get more m armor or mix his armor with robes to balance it. Another good strategy is being a ranger. the ranger may use the flame breath on ground or any nearby enemy and use elemental arrowheads to enhance the damage with fire damage that benefits from pyro. it also enhances the power of the special arrows.
Oh, look ! Argonian !