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“Decreases total Fall Damage.” “Decreases the damage you’ll take from falling.“ ...Okay
Why does every stat have Increases maximum *THING* at the top, and Increases *THING* at the bottom, where both things are the same
The text at the top is basically an overview that is then explained more at the bottom. It's a bit redundant but it's still way better than what was on this page before, which is basically nothing.


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I cleaned up the page a bit, and tried to get rid of the redundancy without sacrificing clarity.
Who in the demon ***** put that Faith increases max stamina?
I mean, zealous believers are the most relentless people out there.
Anyone having a glitch where you literally can not level up anymore?
be more specific.
Does anyone know what the circle icon is at the start of the armor? its like two half circles and sometimes its all black and other times its half. not sure what it means. i see it when i check arms armor
It shows which sex, or body type, can use the armor: left is Type A (female), right is Type B (make), and both means universal.

Most sets are universal, but women get to use the Rogue set (including Gold Mask), Dull Gold set, Old Ragged set (including Three-Cornered Hat), and Silver Bracelets.

Men get the Venerable Sage set, Dark Silver set, and the Ancient King's set.