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Only for casuls.
Not as casual as you think. In fact it helped me out with some of the trickiest yokai in the game (especially the Tengus). As for bosses, it's usually nice to have these if you don't have enough time nor space to heal. It's entirely optional, so you can play any style you like.
Ya you can use your pkcs to beat this game.
Makes even PVP fights trivial...
I cleared way of the onmyo: adept, and have enough points to unlock this, but the scroll in the skill tree is still black. Is my game glitched?
No matter what i do cant unlock this



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Advance in the main game and complete the adept dojo mission for onmyo magic.

It's also this page now: https://nioh.wiki.fextralife.com/Talisman:+Sloth
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