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I feel like this ring has way too much RNG linked to its acquisition. Three different layers (Queen, Graveyard Elf and Infectors) having to occur on the same seed is a bit excessive. I'm starting to get annoyed of having to run Corsus adventures over and over again only to be taunted by maps with two of the required elements but not the third.
You don’t need the infection in the same world. Parasite condition is NOT cured by the world stone so you could in theory walk around with it as long as you want to
An important note - it is possible to get worlds with the queen and elf but no infector. The infector only spawns in the underground dungeons and extremely rarely in the overworld.
That's in correct, you can rest at checkpoints to get injectors, it's not always the same
nerfed again?
I think it'd be great if DLC items were clearly marked as being DLC at the top of the page.