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a giant monster with a spear okay he s on fire not bad he spams arrows like **** oh hell no
So, who is the biggest ******* in DS3, this slug or Pontiff ?
Aldrich is way harder. Pontiff is a very easy fight, just a change of gears as the pontiff knights around requires a completely different strategy compared to the boss. You pancake the knights with a heavy weapon 2-handed strong attack, you bop the boss clone with the dark hand to destroy it before it's fully summoned. On other hand, there is no easy way around aldrich for physical builds.
If you mean shmock, then slug.
green blossom+R1 on his face. you're welcome
Fun fact, Gwyndolin might still be sentient even though Aldritch has partially eaten him, let that sink in...
managed pyro strat after several attempts on SL 89 with 37 faith and 26 vigour and holding shield of want. 5 estus, 6 ash estus. brass set w/ both pyro rings, silver serpent ring, and sage ring
This sure isn't a fun fight as lvl 13 on ng+