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"Hate the game, not the serpent"
So I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but why is it spoken of as a serpent and not as a snake and by the way, what's the difference? Just out of curiosity.



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I think it's offten used to refer to a LARGE snake.
Little curiosity, is that in latin and it's descendant languages, english word 'serpent' is very close to the variants 'SERPENTUM','SERPENS','SERPENTE', etc..
That makes sense. Thank you.
I guess that's why, for example, "Midgard Serpent" is always mentioned and not "Snake".
I refuse to answer your question; you must be some * who would link the fire again anyway
in french serpent means snake. so yeah in engli***** probably means some very large, mythological snake
To those who play offline (i.e, unpatched,) some items can be sold to Frampt for more than you bought them for. The daggers, firebombs, and wooden arrows sold by the male undead merchant sell for a profit. Prism stones sold by the female undead merchant also make a profit. Once you have Patches appear as a merchant (after you beat Nito, provided you did his quest line correctly by answering "no" to every question he asks) you can buy prism stones from him, then sell those to Frampt for a profit. This makes, like 10,000 souls per minute profit and totally breaks the game.
Asmr mouth sounds
"Here, Eat This!"
"Well I'm not really that hung-*graaaaawh*!"
i didnt lie to you just told sweet little lies
after misguiding a numberless amount of chosen undeads he chooses rap career and sings
...Im begging to feel like a Dung pie . Dung pie...
...all of the undead from the front to Blight town . Blight town... who thinks their length is enough to Go down . Go down...
...they say they feed me like like a trash can . so call me trashpent...
The primordial trash can
if you ever wondered how can one turn metal into just found your man (oh dont get me wrong he aint no alchemist!)
he's literally a snake
with mustache!
He actually has a body with limbs. You could see a statue of his kind in the Ringed City DLC of Dark Souls 3.
he's a stupid *******, I was just trying to go back to the undead asylum and he from nothing said"YoU'rE a TrAiToR yOu Do NoT dEsErVe AuUuUgHh"

now im going to do the """bad""" ending. **** that guy.
Siding with Frampt and Linking the Fire *is* the bad ending, you fool. What are you a cleric or something?
Spoiler alert, its not the bad ending. Letting the fire go out ushers in the age of man. Everyone wants you to relight the flame because its Gwyn's system of preserving the age of fire, his age.
Eh, "canonically" it gets linked. Possibly so in DS3 it can get usurped right and proper.
Actually, it's not getting linked "canonically". No one knows how many eons have passed since the events of DS1, or how many times has the First Flame been rekindled (at least 4, but possibly a lot more) and gone out again. If you get a certain ending in DS3, you'll learn, that the Age of Dark will eventually end, too, and the First Flame can never truly go out and will light again, on it's own. So there is no "canonical ending" in DS1 (or DS2, for that matter). Especially if you take into account the fact, that Gwyndolin survives until the events of DS3, while a protagonist of DS1 may kill him, thus hinting, that DS3 happens in a different reality, than DS1.