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He is still in firelink shrine after i defeated abyss watchers without giving him scroll before that. please change your outdated info.
"a) you defeat Abyss Watchers without giving him a scroll (in unpatched game version)". emphasis on the 'unpatched game version'. there's nothing outdated about this
So I gave him a third scroll, beat Yhorm, Aldrich, and the Dancer. I HAVE to beat Dragonslayer before I can give him the forth one. Since that will make 4 bosses before I give him another one, the quest is done for, right?
You have to give him one scroll to make sure he stays, after that he doesn't need them to stay anymore, you don't need to give him all four scrolls in the space of four bosses.
Thanks! I totally misunderstood the conditions.
It's a shame you can't learn sorceries from someone else now I have all the four scrolls but he is missing probably I forgot to give him a scroll, with this 16 hours is just wasted thank you dark souls.