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IMO: Don't listen to what is written above.
- Run away from Prodigal Spawn - You will not trigger him
- Get close enough to shoot the surrounding orbs
- Dance around Sentient and hit him with everything you have.
- Once the sentient is dead 1v1 the Prodigal Spawn - He's so easy without the Sentient around.
Totally this. If you rund around like a chicken dont be surprised when you eventually get roasted. Go in there, dance around him and dodge when you see the obvious marks on the floor that warn you of an incoming attack.
"You will not trigger him" - that is huge BS. After you attack spawn or shoot his orb prodigal spawn comes running to help his buddy.


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This fight is stupid but only because it loops. Want to change equipment? Either Close the game or try to change it on the fly. Why the devs thought that was a great idea is beyond me. Otherwise, not a terrible fight.
Best boss fight in the game because it loops. No tedious running from the last breach, no enemies who will take chunks of your hp on the way, and if you wanna take a break and farm some more just go into the title screen.
Whiners these days...
Jumping over the wave still damages me, hitboxes are all bigger than they should be on every attack from sentient and prodigal's heavy attack slam. Sentient's wave animation seems to glitch alot and doesn't happen, giving me no warning it's coming. Damn near impossible to do this fight w two heals, and having to save/quit and farm em every time is infuriating beyond words, especially when you get 1shot while doing it even w 200hp on ng w full aegis armor. Can be done, but you gotta 'get gud' and have a decent build or your screwed like me as my stats are all over the place trying out all the stuff.
idk if you'll see this, but it was completely your fault. stick to 4 things to upgrade stamina, health, cognition/forsight, strength/dex. also, you could buy all your heals for like 500 axion if you went to the health machine..... get gud, kid.
Killed the sentient in less than five seconds by placing a Way of Flames from a +10 Channeler of Hell underneath him
Funny how OP this weapon is. My 25 str/+13 Espadon barely scratched sentient on NG0, but I farmed for 10 cog/+10 Channeler and it really did kill him in about 5 seconds on world level 3.


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Did everything in game just to have real true ending but failed miserably at sentient + npc. This fight makes me want to puke due to all graphics effect and constant camera jumps. I succeeded many times at killing npc and tried lowering sentient hp slowly while constantly killing his orbs (he respawns them like crazy) but every time I die from unannounced super attack that drains my whole hp at once. F**k this, uninstalling this game because of it. Unless they fix his attacks or make this area less puke-generating I am not trying this for 100th time. Gonna play some ds 3 or sekiro where enemies and boss-fights at least make sense. Funny that I almost got him on 1st try but it does not change anything because every time I die from similar attacks - magic rockets from sky which I cannot see (because they spawn on my ***) or triple magic star appearing under my legs with no time to react.
Wanna see how I die? Here is video:
You said it, From Software FTW IMO... Rather try Gael on level 1 than this sucker ! So frustrating, so buggy, so lame as a fight overall, and WTF is that HP, I'm supposed to hit hard with strenght weapons, my gun is more effective! I just don't get this endgame, why only a loop? Why 2 heals? Devs f***ed up on this one!
JUST F*** THIS BOSS, every tip you could find here WON'T WORK! Such a shame to quit right now but I'm not going to farm for better weapons and stats, his attacks are OP AS F****, making AOEs of hell with prodigual always on your ***, and you can't keep him from aggro for the whole fight, after 1 or 2 teleports from sentient, you'll eventually aggro him. And finally WHY CAN'T I SEE **** on PS4 pro?! It's always too dark to see anything HOW CAN YOU RELEASE A GAME THIS UNFINISHED?! I CAN'T FIGHT THE LAST BOSS IN THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO LOOK!
WTF?! DIDN'T THEY TEST THEIR GAME?! Small studio OK, but this just SUCKS!
So frustrated by this I just wanna send hatemail to those f***ers!
Well someone had a tantrum.
So ...

(1) PS4 Pro does in fact struggle, can confirm. Lighting and textures load ... not right, a lot, and the result is that you're fighting silhouettes quite a bit.

(2) Yes, this fight is hell. Bring your radiation meds. Also, clear the orbiting modules as fast as you can (helpfully, they only seem to have 1 hp each; the prophet hands are great for this). Even once that's done, stay aware of your surroundings; this thing has at least two attacks that can kill you outright with little warning and no chance for recovery after the first hit.

(3) This thing has WAY high HP, especially considering how much of a cakewalk most of the rest of the game can become. Even if you've been ratcheting up the difficulty the entire rest of the game and are approaching level 150 with a level 25 archon lance, you might want to ratchet that difficulty back down for this.

(4) If you don't have an overpowered weapon of another type, remember that backstab (dagger or anlace only) is beautiful. Helpfully, the thing seems to regard "turn around" as a move, not something it does in between moves.

Good luck, spawn, and give it hell! ... be assured it will return the favor.
I.. can't do anything.. if I keep.. on getting knocked down.. you ****ing ****s.
What the **** is wrong with you.