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So if you accept gehrman’s offer? You're gonna lose all of your progress?
You go to NG+ so yes, you do lose all your progress for the regular NG and you go straight to NG+.
Story/boss progress/key items yes but you retain weapons,items and clothing
Always pick the ending where you fight the most bosses
Any character I take to ng+ will go through the first ending to spawn the hunters grave as it feels fitting to see your previous life acknowledged
So, what ending starts you off in new game plus,
They all do
The third ending is badass. I want to see the Hunter as a Great One and the Doll going around killing cosmic beings instead of beasts.
The Pecularity! bit in the Possible Explanations part seems to be really stretching and is a pointless comparison that offers no explanation towards the ending
It's a fun little tidbit of possible foreshadowing ideas for the future of projects you killjoy



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In my opinion, I feel it's kinda BS to go immediately into NG+ just after defeating Gehrman or Moon Presence. I still want to co-op and stuff but oh well it's the game and I have to accept that
Just simply do what i did bro , I decided to consume 3 Cords for the Secret Last Ending ( Moon Presence Fight ).... Kill Gerhman , and after killing him. Just use a Bold Hunter's Mark when Moon Presence fight begins ( This way in my first NG i managed to do everything even the Chalices & finish them for the Trophies ). Then Kill Moon presence for NG+.... Easiest Toute for even farming more oevels even before entering NG+ ( I got to pevel 160 before Entering NG+ thanks to the Chalice Dungeons & also Oilled Queen Yharnam for the Trophy aswell ).
Anyone get the second ending in ng+ after earning both the 1st and 3rd ending?
I just realized that the player hunter is not really crippled in ending 2. The wheelchair is a symbol of the fact they can finally rest, but Gehrman stands up and fights properly, so I think we can assume the good hunter also keeps their physical capabilities.

I'm not sure if this reveals anything, but it kinda diminishes the impact of seeing your character in the chair.
If I was the hunter, running around for days, you best believe im sitting down until i have to get up
Here's a good Route tip before entering NG+ immediately after killing Moon Presence. ( In NG your 1st playthro , just initiate the Gerhman fight while you have consumed 3-4 Umbilical Cords prior )... Ok now Kill Gerhman , then you get a Cut-scene where u immediately start fighting Moon Presence , just Bold Hunter Mark within that Fight to warp out. ( This is still your Current NG progress yet even after Killing Gerhman , what i did is that i started doing all Chalices and actually Had Fun doing it ). While also doing the Chalices i managed to get almost all Trophies , and also got the Best Blood Gems that are Phys. ATK +21.8%.... And i also got Level Boosted before starting NG+ aswell ( I did mostly all Chalices , uptill Yharnam Queen for the Trophy & the "Yharnam Stone" drop ). What happend is that before killing Gerhman even before starting Chalice Dungeons , i faced Gerhman with my Hunter Level 88 ( And with this Method doing all Chalices actually Boosted me uptill Blood Level 160 or so ). So started NG+ with my Hunter level 160 , ontop of that many fully upgraded +10 weapons & the best Blood Gems aswell... NG+ is challenging but it was a piece of cake for me that i mostly 1 Shotted all Bosses lol. From all of this Method i have reached NG+4 now without even breaking a sweat & having alot of Fun ( Even Chalices with Cursed/Defiled are soo challenging but still manageable ). Hope this helps , And also i forgot to mention this ( In doing most Chalices , you got extra more Blood Stone Chunks & a Blood Rock aswell uptill Depth 5's all of that and also getting many Insights for getting extra materials or even getting another Blood Rock just as you start NG+ ). Very solid method , but it needs time & playing for awhile patiently as oppose to a Rush Speed Run playthrough or so.... This was also a perfect build for me that i managed to get Bloodborne Platinum Trophy in my NG+4 run too... Enjoy ;)
Do y'all know if my horse will respawn? I accidentally killed mine and I'm pretty far from town.