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And I thought my mom is fat. Jeez.
she is
try bleed
Never in a game have I been molested to death... Until now
The ds2 ogre of this game. Complete with grab attacks and butt smash
Come now, they're not nearly as ******* as the ogres were, specifically because they don't have DS2's patented broken hitboxes.
Omg. Maybe u are right. I usually think that ds2 is too far in the future and thinking that this things could be that cyclops sounds logic.
When it stands up, you can hit it in the front to stagger it and be able to riposte (at least in NG +3, used Uchigatana) .
I bet Headless from Sekiro and this mf would be good friends. Both like molesting you
tf is this from
They seem to be attracted to my Pestilent Mist, they will crawl to the mist and sit in it even if they were just chasing me.