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This dude just shows up for business. No Sunbros? No problem.
Black Hand Gotthard sucks. I summoned him near Abyss Watchers boss then led him back to the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire because I couldn't find any other phantoms to help me kill the Stray Demon miniboss above the bonfire. It turns out Black Hand Gotthard can't climb the ladder to get to the bonfire. He was my only hope since I'm really underleveled to summon real people and I can't fight Stray Demon by myself. Black Hand Gotthard was my only hope =(
Summon me to your game if on xbox one, I can help. Just tell me a time.
Get a dark hand a spam it
Cheese him
Just kill him with arrows.



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if you lure the demon to the staircase and stand in the middle of the stairs, you can kill him with 70ish standard arrows from a +0 longbow
Git gud
stray demon is easy. stick under his ***, bait out the butt stomp, roll, charged r2, repeat. his other attacks are all dodgable and you can get out of his grab by button mashing
I killed the stray demon on my 2nd go, and that was my first playthrough and first time playing a darksouls game. So if you cant beat him, you have a bit of an issue.
If you're underleveled then level up. lol
How about getting good at the game? If you're that big of a wimp to insult phantoms then you don't deserve help. Relying on phantoms (like a lot of noobs) only proves that either this game isn't for you or you need to suck up and (I hate to say it) "git gud" at the game.
He really looks like a black church hunter from bloodbornew
I came across his summon sign in my first play-through, but his goofy last name made me think he was a player character, not NPC.
Gotthard is a baller - in my experience he hasn't come close to dying once and seems to have semi-intelligent AI as during Abyss Watchers his aggro was fixed on the "true" boss.
All mine did was get hit like three times, get staggered die and leave me alone to fight him, hes only good cannon-fodder.
It would be cool if you could save him by killing Kamui or Twin Princes before killing the other three or something like that. Also, who’s the other member of the Black Hand? Isn’t there an item that says there’s three black hands
By the time you have finished the grand archives the 3 NPC's guarding the path forward are the members of the Black Hand. Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild (mage) and the Lion knight Albert (dude with the axe) are newest memebers of the Black hand + Kamui (dude with double swords). The old trio is Kamui, Gotthard and you. But hey, it's just a theory, a game theory. Go watch the game theorists video on youtube.
The player could possibly be a black hand
I'll just say the problem with Game Theorists especially in recent years is the theories are usually based on little to no evidence and are mostly made just to get clicks and money for Matt Pat and while it could be possible the player is one of the black hands theres just as much evidence that the player is the chosen undead from Souls 1 just went the dark path while the fire path version is as the final boss of the game namely Matt Pat goes under the assumption that there are always 3 black hands when no thats not what the black hand armor said at all it said there was no more then 3 who held that title that means as long as the title black hand existed there hasn't been more then 3 of them in its existence
Has no one ever considered that the third Black Hand just... died? Actually died, and never became undead? To my knowledge, all the requisites are to be a Hunter, and serve successive kings which isn't impossible for a normal human to do. And there are plenty of things in Dark Souls that can kill a normal human.
There is no actual evidence that the player is a Black Hand, and it seems pretty clear that they are not. Also, Kriemhild and Albert aren't Black Hands either, as they do not wield paired weapons (which is something that the Black Hands are stated to do quite explicitly), and that would mean there was at least four Black Hands. The Black Hand set states that there have only been a total of 3 Black Hands throughout the long history of Lothric, so the idea of there being four active at once is flawed. Don't trust Game Theory, his research is poor, he omits or misinterprets anything that contradicts his suggestions, and his suggestions are at best unprovable and at worst easily disproved.
All hail the true MVP
FromSoftware, please remove blinking eyes on corpse, it’s ruining my immersion. Do it or I swear I’ll leave a bad steam review!!
What do you mean all corpses I’ve seen in real life blinked
This guy is absolutely amazing. He saved me from so many death by Abyss Watcher combo by staggering him everytime the Watcher was going to coup de grace me into a second early grave.
He's also amazing cannon fodder in NG+ versus pontiff, he cant get a hit in, but hes sure a good beating bag.
"coup de grace" so hes the lost brother of the veil xD
"The description of his twinswords (Gotthard Twinswords) may suggest that he had intended to flee from the Black Hand ranks, and might have been hunted down by Kamui or other assassins in the Lothric castle. After helping our character twice under unknown motives in our journey through Lothric, perhaps prince Lothric began to fear both him and ordered someone to kill Gotthard before he could do more damage. (potential theory - not official)" Theories don't belong in the trivia section. They belong on fan forums and here in the comments, where people can discuss them, not blindly accept them as fact.
If it specifically points out that it's just a theory and doesn't clutter the page, I don't mind it.