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Isn't it funny that Gael's weapon (1st phase) resembles the Abyss Great sword held by Knight Artorias?
Geal and his sword have nothing to do with Artorias in any way, the moveset I get but it isnt that similar, and the only thing that could be a reference is when he throws the body at you in the beginning cutscene.
This weapon would've been more fitting for Knight Artorias. It would've made his boss fight more epic.
Artorias's greatsword already exists in the game,look up for wolf knight greatsword
Such a garbage weapon all you people do is prance around like a ballerina all day with this weapon but pkcs doesn’t need that so go pick it up and git Gud already
sounds like this **** lost to gael's greatsword users, get a life.
This guy have pkcs fetish.
Awwwwww did a little boy get his fragile ego shattered by this weapon and your PKCS R1 spam couldn’t do it.
Ohhh nooo meta try hard cryiingg oaaaoaaaaa
Can’t even learn how to use anything but a PKCS. Git Gud scrub.
Guys, i probably just cant read which comments are ironic or not, but tell me, is ds community that salty and easy to bait?
Dear god could you **** pics players shut your mouth? Not everybody wants to play as a wacky *** dexterity build
It says a lot about the Executioner's Greatsword that a rusted and broken version is better.
Flying Monkey sword
*flying WOLF
know your meme
Monkey* know your meme my ***
boring weapon
chuckles I'm in danger
i wish this weapon had a buff that would activate only during the weapon art. it would only affect the appearance but i think it would look cool.
ah yes, the easiest to land and the most devastating true combo in the game jsut after the spliteaf
PvP is just bad. Stop trying to deny it