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I'm the same person who inserted the descriptions for the new pyromancies that have been revealed.
Possibly add the image, as well as how to get it? I'd imagine you'd have to find the NPC, gain their ashes, and give it to the Handmaiden. My guess, however - can't remember the NPC's name. Eygod or something along those lines.



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Great to see you with an account! :)
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Pretty sure you mean once EYGON has been killed by the player.
Its actually 5000 souls not 4000
Almost everyone who wear this helm is a ****



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lood tho
lmao I'm sorry if someone pointed you down with this on.
I love this helm so much. I wear it on almost every character.
This helm looks great with the Iron Dragonslayer set or Ringed Knight set (or both mixed). -eyevan
And with Havel's set.