It's always a good defense when 'Technically -x- didn't do that' is followed by 'did exactly that.'

"Technically I didn't rob the store at night, I just wasn't there all day and helped myself to the goods like I normally would have without giving thought to business hours."

"Technically he didn't hurt anyone, he just sent them to a hospital and didn't give any thought about whether they'd need painkillers."

"Technically she didn't have an affair, she just went to  bed as she normally would have and didn't give thought to how her wife was out of town."

Funny no matter the context.

I can give you that.

Just like if a sentence has the world "but" in it, everything before it doesn't count. 

I believe that people should never lie, but, etc....

I believe the constitution is the supreme law of the land, but, etc....

I believe in multiculturalism and everyone's opinions count, but, etc.....


cant you get a Cassandra Devine by becoming allies with the Templars?

Actually, you get the being version of the Bright Hand under Leliana, because with her they are seen as the best and brightest of what the mages can be. With Cass as divine she reform's the Circles again, and the Bright Hand refuses to go back to them. Also Leliana is a better divine in my opinion. She brings the change that is needed but wanted. Cass doesn't go far enough for my liking.
Leliana is Divine
When Leliana disbands the Circles, they remain with the Inquisition and form a new college called the Bright Hand.
To many, this new order represents the best of mages, an example for the rest of Thedas to follow.