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Adds +10 style when you do a running attack. Love this sword.
I never went looking for this weapon but on all 3 of my play through I killed a decent number of those thralls, it was only at the beginning of my 4th that I got one.
one of the best early game weapon if you are a mage and want a MLGS early this thing is the go to
I'm thinking if infusing this with Blood would be a good idea. Someone experienced would responce to me?
Better off hollow and rouged
Yes blood infusion is supposed to be good for innate blood weapons but it is slow, so it defeat the purpose
the raw values are off
Flamberge + crystal gem: why are you even around, moonlight greatsword?
moonlight is better with high stats, but low to med levels, crystal flamberge and crystal mailbreaker pretty good options
I have never seen one of these despite killing a LOT of the little miscreants that carry them. Seems silly to lock away game content behind such unfavourable drop rates.
This or Claymore for a sharp infusion on a dex build?