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Just finished this. Merciful lord my eyes hurt from staring at a blank white screen for thirty minutes. Never playing that again.
This is what I said 7 years ago, but here we are again. Not even mad yet. Let's give it a few tries.
Hello There
When you enter, look directly at the sun. Then, turn a little less than 90 degrees to the left and start running. If the blizzard starts, just stand still until it goes away, the reindeers won't spawn and you'll probably save time.
Wait they will not spawn if I'm standing still??
I'm trying to sneak around but the creak of my planks keeps alerting the reindeers
Literal horse but hole.
Okay you ****s, here's how to Frigid Outskirts

1. Run toward the area with the statues and summon an NPC, either Vengarl or the Cleric(probably better as she can heal you)
2. From facing the fallen stone where Vengarl's summon sign is, immediately run north, dealing with a horse on the way if you have to
3. Run until you reach the wall, now you're going to hug the wall for a while
4. You will pass a building on your way but don't bother with it, you will have to deal with horses here but with the summon and the wall they're much more manageable, trust me, you don't want to spend any more time here than you need to
5. You will eventually see a building with a spire, wait till the storm clears and run into it, kill the Loyce soldier and then stand in the opposite doorway
6. WAIT until the storm clears and then BOOK IT towards the hole in the ground you see directly ahead, if you're quick enough then no horses will spawn
7. Cross the bridge and fight Lud and Zallen
Ok but see you gloss over the part that is "deal with the reindeers".
I thought the area going to Sir Alonne was worst and changed my mind after when I went to Iron Passage for Blue Smelter Demon. And now this area, not to mention you're gonna fight to 2 cat bosses, a real pain run again if you die.
I've played DS1 and DS2 only at this time. This is easily the worst place between the 2 games. I beat Ivory King and got the crown I'm gonna head on to DS3, there is nothing I want in this crappy place.
Ok I see what the devs were going for with this area but adding the reindeers was just a huge mistake.
Did full (or so i though) playthrough of DS2 like 5 times but never managed to find this area on my own. I guess a suspicious looking coffin wasn't enough of a hint for me. Had to look it up for the 6th run just to see what the fuss is all about and oh boy don't i feel so blessed that i've never been here before. Probably saved me a controller or two and 10 years of my life. I like the idea of navigating a snowy wasteland with a constant blizzard but enemies spawning out of thin air is plain bs. At least Iron Passage had shortcuts & you didn't have to find 2 bosses at the same time at the end of it.
The most fun and exciting area in the whole series! I was unsure about this place at first, but after getting gangbanged by electric reindeer that spawned out of thin air for the fiftieth time, I just couldn't wait to spend another 20 minutes walking in an almost completely empty tundra, being unable to see anything half the time! Not to mention your reward for making it to the end: a boss you already beat, but this time there's two of them?? Absolute genius!